Great Prices for Your Junk Cars in Lawrenceville, GA

Car buyers are notoriously difficult to find, cause of the lack of value that buyers provide the owner selling them. Considering this, you can imagine how difficult it is for junk car sellers, cause the buying pool becomes even more restricted with them. 

Let’s face it, you won’t find people willing to buy junk cars, specifically in abundance in Lawrenceville, GA. So give Rush Wrecker a call, and we’ll be able to provide you great value, competitive prices for your junk car, and both us and you (the owner) can be happy. 

If your vehicles are old, banged up, in need of repairs, and basically on their last legs. We are more than happy to help out If you’re looking for a car in the city, so just sell your junk car to us! We’d be more than happy to take it off your hands anywhere in Lawrenceville Georgia. 

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How do we pay you for your Junk Cars Lawrenceville GA?

We at Rush Wrecker like to provide solutions for your roadside problems. While a lot of them are solved by our truck, towing, and repairs, this is where we provide monitory value. Here’s how we take your junk car off your hands in Lawrenceville Georgia.

  • Give us a call (yes Its that simple) and one of the members of our customer service will talk to you about your junk car. Our company will enquire about the junk car with questions like the model, license plate, and year of registration.
  • Junk Cars weren’t always a pile of junk, so we’ll ask what happened and If there was an accident beforehand. So please be as honest as possible with us. 
  • If you come to an agreement with us regarding the price, one of our technicians will drive over to your location around Lawrenceville, GA and we’ll take a look at your junk car.
  • After we’ve been satisfied with our inspection of the junk car, we’ll give the cash to you that was previously agreed upon, get into our trucks, tow the car on to them, and be on our way.
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How do we Value your Junk Car in terms of Price?

Before making a cash offer for your junk car, we conduct a proper check of your vehicle to make sure we give you the best possible rates that we can offer. You don't have to worry about how banged up your car is, as we take a look at all junk cars in Lawrenceville, GA. So being YOUR junk car buyers, here's what we look at

  • Condition: We’ll inspect the condition of the junk car you’ll be wanting to sell.
  • License Plates: We prefer to deal with authentic customers and the license plates will help us judge the condition of the junk car as well
  • Insurance: We’ll help you maneuver your way around the insurance issues or problems you may encounter.

Most of the problem arises when people try to sell off something that we couldn't even recognize as a car. So we think our company reserves the right to judge the condition of the junk car for ourselves before making a concrete offer on the spot.

Wrecked Cars in Georgia

Getting cash for wrecked cars is a hassle. There's just so much to sort your way through when it comes to situations like accidents. No one wants to drive a car with a broken fender that's destroyed beyond recognition. So if you have wrecked or junk cars in Lawrenceville GA, our cash for cars service is going to help you with an attractive cash offer and fantastic customer service so that you're satisfied with your vehicle sale ranging from cars, trucks, SUVs, and more.

Sell your Junk Car for a great price!

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